About Me

Trying to understand the data humans generate

Hi, I am a PhD student at the Cognitive Computer Vision Lab, supervised by Bernhard Egger at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen Nuremberg. I am interested in understanding the differences (and possible similarities) of human and machine vision. My interdiscplinary academic trajectory stems from a desire to investigate the correspondence between AI and Neuroscience.

Previously, I worked as a Research Scientist in the research group Learning in Early Childhood at the MPI-CBS, Leipzig, Germany. My main responsibility during this time was to design end-to-end pipelines for processing Neuroimaging data.

I completed a B.Sc. (H) Physics in 2018 and a M.Sc. Life Science Informatics in 2020. The reason I went from Physics to Life Science Informatics was to explore unconstrained systems such as the brain.

Apart from my academic interests, I enjoy getting to know new people and perspectives. In my free time I like to read popular science books and dance.